People you need and can not do without for your progress:

  • Those who give us the proceeding Word
    - the Word of life - light to overcome darkness
  • Those who add strength to faith and give us courage
  • Those who protect us from reproach and harm
  • Those who care and sacrifice for our well-being and success
  • Those who are accessible and available when we need them
  • Those whom God has appointed and anointed as our leaders
  • Those who are our partners in collective destiny
  • Those who pray for us and supply the provisions of the Spirit
  • Those who refresh our souls by their friendship or sonship
  • Those who model and create a pattern of life for us

    - Jonathan David

How will they know the Way, If nobody shows the Way?

Leaders show the way, because they know the way!

Leaders need leaders

- Joel Bagnal 

Great leaders understand that there is a difference between being asked a question and being questioned

- Greg Groeschel


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